Friday, March 2, 2012

Leap Day

Leap Day was Wednesday. It didn't really occur to me to have a celebration of any kind as the kids were probably too young to care anyway. But while I was cleaning up breakfast and doing dishes, I started to think about Leap Day. I tried with all of my might to remember where I was on the LAST Leap Day and I couldn't. I imagine I was working, just like any other day but aside from that, nothing about it stands out in my mind. Counting backwards, I know that I wasn't even pregnant with Ben yet. Standing there in the kitchen, it was mind boggling to me that four short years ago, I hadn't any children or any certainty that there ever would be any. 

Of course, seeing how drastically my life has changed from one Leap Day to the next made me start to wonder about the NEXT Leap Day. 

On the next Leap Day:

  • My children will be almost seven and three
  • My son will be in first grade
  • My daughter will be in preschool
  • I may have gone back to work - at least part-time
  • I will still be writing this blog, perhaps even regularly
  • We will have made at least one trip to Disney (I hope)
  • My husband and I will have had at least one "adults only" vacation
  • Our house will be reorganized/decorated
  • We will have replaced our hideous carpet
  • The old jeep will be traded in for something else - something smaller? Larger?
  • Both kids will be potty trained (God help me!)
Okay, that last one seems impossible to imagine but biology (and my pediatrician) assure me that it is so. I am struggling to fathom a life with two children who are not in diapers and are (somewhat) able to do things for themselves. Will I be glad of that? Or will I miss the tiny babies that they were? Will I be grateful to be able to go to the store or run other errands without having to pack a gigantic diaper bag? Or will I long for the smallish people who snuggled against my chest in the rocking chair at nap time? Just as four years ago, I could never have looked into the future and envisioned my life today in all it's messy loveliness, it remains to be seen. Until Leap Day anyway.

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  1. I'm over from Sarah (Ths Heavenly Life) and a few things just hit me in this post. My babies are almost seven and almost three this leap day. And just newly born. Four years from now... Oh. I will have an 11 year old in 5th grade! And a 1st grader. And this baby will be weaned and potty trained and in school.

    It will be here in a blink.