Monday, May 20, 2013

Long Time

I haven't blogged in almost a year. I have no big reason for this. There was no life event that caused me to stop posting and, likewise, no similar event that caused me to return to it other than the realization that I feel better when I am writing. That and the fact that I like going back over past entries and remember various events that might otherwise be forgotten. I am regretful that I have missed that opportunity this passed year. We have had so many wonderful experiences that did not get documented as I would've liked.

Alex's first trip to Savannah

Ben's 2nd year of Preschool

Halloween with Cinderella and Iron Man

Alex's 1st Birthday!

Our Family's first trip to Disneyland!

So many important things and probably so many more that went unnoticed, unobserved. I can't promise that I will blog every day or that I will be able to record every milestone but I have decided to try harder. To carve out time for myself to write about whatever is happening or nothing at all. 


  1. Such adorable pictures!
    I've done the same thing...dropped out of blogging and then returned. It's just too therapeutic to give up entirely!

    1. I totally agree, Lucy! I feel bad that I haven't been doing it more - I grimace to think of all of the precious "every day moments" that have been forgotten by now!