Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Bigger Picture: At least...

Lately I have been kind of a whiner. I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but I definitely have. I feel like I complain about life being hard or not having things the way I want them so often that I forget to appreciate the great stuff that I do have. On Sunday, our power went out. It ended up being some corroded wire or something that the utility company had to come out and fix. They were outside for two hours or more, running a new line. All I was thinking as the temperature climbed was how warm it was getting and how hot we were all going to be if it didn't get fixed.

Our A/C went out last summer and it was 80 degrees in our house for about a week before we could get a new one. I was sweltering in the heat with a three month old and constantly in a panic that he would overheat until we broke down and bought a portable AC unit for our bedroom (which is where we remained huddled up until we got a new AC). So, that was what I was picturing in my head. Which, of course, didn't happen. Today at VBS, one of the group leaders was telling me that their AC was out and the temperature was supposed to be in the triple digits today. I responded with sympathy and asked when it would be fixed. She explained that it had been out all summer and they didn't have the money to buy a new one right now. Immediately I was reminded of my whining and complaining this weekend about our measly two hours without power and felt very ashamed.

So, now I have started playing the "At least..." game in my head when I feel like I am wallowing unnecessarily.  For example - the power window on the driver's side of the Jeep is busted and won't stay up, but at least we are getting it fixed and it's still under warranty. And, yes, the Jeep dealership appears to be run by some morons folks who don't know that when it starts raining you should pull the car with the broken window inside the garage to avoid flooding the interior. But, at least they are going to clean and dry the upholstery for us. The Tot took a very short nap today after VBS but at least he took one and at least I have more time to play with him today before dinner.

It seems that even though there are things that go wrong, frustrations that happen and yes, the grass certainly looks greener way over on the other side of this fence, in many ways it's a blessing to have grass at all. At least it's not mud!

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  1. I used to joke that sometimes green grass isn't better... it needs to be mowed, watered, fertilized... sometimes a dead lawn is easier. LOL. Keep your chin up and thanks for sharing. ♥tlb

  2. It is so hard to play the at least game, but when you can.... things really do seem even just a little bit better :)
    Hang in there! And thank you for linking up!

  3. 0ne of my favorite quotes from a friend is "even my problems are good problems". it helps put things in perspective for me when I start whining....which is often. and usually i think justified....until I start realizing that people have real problems.