Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I know nothing

Sleep routines have become haggard again. Ben is back to playing in his crib at night and at nap time. He has also begun waking up in the night crying randomly. This led to an embarrassing pediatrician visit because I was sure he had an ear infection. I mean "he NEVER does this".  Anyway, he had nothing wrong with him - the very nice and very patient doctor checked him thoroughly.

Today, he went down for his nap and would not relax. He played in the rocker and I put him in the crib hoping he could tire himself out. Two hours later, I had watched two episodes of Guliana and Bill and made 6 dozen cookies for two upcoming events and he was still going full steam. He cried every now and again but mostly was chatting and jumping up and down. I could hear "Go train! GO!" punctuated by *thump* *thump* *thump* As a general rule, I avoid going up to try to get him to sleep because it only seems to aggravate him.

I finally gave in and went upstairs to get him up. He had thrown all of his blankets, his pillow, his socks, and his stuffed friends on the floor. Also, he had pulled clothes from the laundry basket through the crib bars and thrown those over the railing. I put everything back and was getting ready to get him up but his little eyes were so tired. So, we sat in the rocker and rocked. I didn't have an Ipod or my phone handy so I sang instead. I only know a couple of songs and even those, I don't really have all of the words to. Initially he fought me and wriggled around like a puppy, but eventually he settled. And then - he slept!

Just when I think I know what I am doing - I don't. But at least he's sleeping.

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