Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lazy Days of Summer

I feel terrible that I haven't been more productive lately. I want to blame my lack of blogging on pregnancy but I know plenty of other expectant bloggers (Hi Sarah!) who seem to have no trouble at all posting on a regular basis. Even with no or very little sleep. So, I am a wimp. It doesn't help when I am very sleepy to have my toddler crawl in to my lap, snuggle under the blanket and say "show!". I am not a fan of television for little ones but the temptation to snooze with a cuddly little boy in my arms is just too much to resist!

Also possibly lending to my fatigue - our weeks have become very active. Between his Kindermusik, swim lessons and play dates, and my work and bible study, I find myself without much downtime. Which is actually fine because it lends structure to our week and helps me keep a routine. The bad part about all of this is that all of the aforementioned activities (with the possible exception of play dates and obviously, work) will be winding up for the year in the next few weeks. At which point we will go from having very little free time to gobs and gobs of time with nothing much to do. Ironically, I will also be in the 2nd trimester at that point which means (I hope) that my energy will be back and I will be much more interested in being active right when the activity stops.

Thankfully, my toddler is not one to sit quietly and wait for something to do. I am hopeful that because of the warm, sunny weather and the active tot, we will naturally be very busy. I already have my eye on the zoo, baseball games, the park down the street, the local pool, and the swing set in the backyard. He already has his eye on the bike, the power wheels, the bubbles, finger paint, side walk chalk and every ball in our house. Odds are - we will both be plenty active and have lots to blog about!

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  1. Hah! Sometimes I think I'm only blogging so I'll be convincingly active in real-life :) The need to have something to write about spurs me on occasionally :)

    But good luck with the down-time on the way! Last Christmas break, I found myself completely happy with NO plans, for what felt like the first time, ever. We stayed in jammies, had living room picnics, baked, and played a LOT. I'm hoping the same (warm-weather substituted, of course) for you :)