Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bigger Picture Moment: I can do it myself

Simple BPM

The tot's new favorite phrase - whether it's helping make his lunch, feeding himself, reading a book, or putting away his toys is "I do it myself!" On some level, this thrills me. His new independence, his desire to learn new things and try to do more on his own. Of course there is also a tiny piece of me that is sad and feels a little less useful every time I hear it. 

Today we had a day all by ourselves. It started early when the husband left for the airport at 5am (never a good thing). I tried to rock my son back to sleep and get another hour or two of shut eye but it never really happened. So we got up and started what felt like a daunting and long day. I made both our breakfasts and my coffee. We cleaned up, got changed, and went to the gym. We came home and I got a shower while we watched Elmo and then we both played on the bed for a bit. Ben "helped" me make his lunch and ate most of it without a fuss. We were both tired by that point so I read to and rocked the tot and then grabbed my own quick lunch and a few winks myself. After nap time, we played some more together, I put on a movie, made dinner, cleaned up and we did the bedtime schtick. 

I am not going to lie - it was a very long day even with a nap wedged in the middle. I was tired by the end and looking forward to the silence at the end of the day. But, we made it the whole day. There was minimal yelling and no time outs. No frantic calls to the husband because I was at the end of my rope (not even when the tot locked himself in his own room after nap and I had to struggle to free him). No tears behind a closed door because "I can't do this! I need a break!' and best of all, I was glad of every minute we got to spend together. I miss my husband when he's gone, but at no point did I feel like I needed help. I was the sole parent all day and evening and I did it all by myself! No wonder Ben is so happy when he says it - it's a great feeling. 

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  1. Knowing that we can make it, that we are strong enough and smart enough and persistent enough to do what needs to be done, is almost intoxicating.

    Even so, hope you won't have to do it yourself for very long.

  2. Such a good feeling! Good for you!

  3. I'm coming up on a week without my husband's help next week, and I'll be praying for the same strength to get through each day with patience and gratitude for my little ones. Great Bigger Picture moment, Kam!

  4. Great moment! I usually cringe at the "i do it!" moments because i know it will take longer, but your right that sense of accomplishment is priceless.