Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So tired...

I feel like I could use a nap and it's not even 10 am. I can't tell if it's the new "hitchhiker" wearing me out or the crazy toddler who wakes up talking at 4:30 in the morning. Or maybe it's the stress of trying to get this house cleaned and decorated for a birthday party this weekend with about 30 guests. Who can say?

We played in the playroom some this morning and I tried surreptitiously to turn one of the larger stuffed animals on the floor into my pillow. I laid there watching Ben run and play with this toy and that toy, chattering up a storm. It was so comfy on the floor and I was so sleepy. I may have dozed off here and there, only to be woken by a little face directly in front of mine yelling "AWAKE!" and cackling with laughter. Not very restful, I must say. It looks like today's nap time may be a family event.

Yesterday was our first OB appointment for Baby #2. I love my obstetrician and she is so patient about answering all of our questions. Not that we had many this time around. We mostly just chatted about this and that. She then said we would have a quick scan (translation: sonogram!) before we left. Hooray! It's very  early for a sonogram, but I think we did the same with Ben because of the infertility treatments. It must be precautionary. Either way, who cares?! I got to see the baby yesterday AND hear the heartbeat. He/She is so very small. It's hard to believe that this tiny fuzzy speck will become a small person and then eventually a much larger, louder toddler person who will prevent me from napping. I'll post a picture later. For now, I think I might just lie my head on this pillow for a minute and....zzzzzzzzzzzz

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