Monday, March 21, 2011


In all of the party fervor and guest entertaining that lasted weeks, I have had no opportunities to blog. Finally, the last piece of cake has been eaten, the last present has been unwrapped, the guests have packed up and returned to their respective homes and the house is quiet again. As quiet as it can be with a toddler in residence anyway. In all of the hullaballoo, I didn't get much chance to take stock and reflect on my tiny baby all grown in to a giant toddler. He has changed so much since I brought him home from the hospital and since I started this blog a year ago.

Benjamin is two. He can do so many new things. He talks up a storm and I can even understand a majority of what he says. He is very good at expressing his desires and equally good and letting me know when he disagrees with the plan of action. He can play independently by himself but sharing is still a tough concept. He can feed himself with a fork or spoon about 1/2 the time - depending on the food. He can follow two step directions and is excellent at ignoring any audible command (clearly a skill all children must master). Ben is able to go up and down the stairs all by himself - even though momma still hovers worriedly behind him every time. He is very adept at getting in to mischief and then doing some amazingly adorable thing to diffuse the situation (just like his dad). He is also an incredible mimic and remembers so many things. When he wakes from his nap, he tells me what I promised we would do next whether it's watch "Cars" or read a book. He has become more and more independent and frequently says "I do it myself" in reference to so many things. Both those he can do and those he can't. I love watching him master something new. I love how excited he gets about going outside to play or about going for a ride in the car. I love his sense of humor. Most of all, I love that I get to spend every day watching him grow.

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