Wednesday, August 24, 2011

52 Days to go...

I am trying not to be a complete nut job but let's face it - I am. I have an app on my phone that "oh so helpfully" tells me how many days are left until my due date. The kicker is that I see that number and then have to subtract seven because my c-section is actually scheduled the week before we are due. EEEEEK! Who went and made that crazy decision? (okay, it was me). So today after work I am going to Babies R Us and however many other places to load up on whatever baby supplies we are still in need of. Thankfully, we still have a lot from the tot so we only need some odds and ends. I am nervous to see the total bill once all is said and done, but I know we will be glad to have everything we need.

Lest you think I am an overly prepared mama, I should confess that there is still a cardboard box full of bottles and nipples just waiting to be sterilized on my counter (where it has sat for more than a week) and I have yet to dig out the baby carrier or car seat base from the black hole that is our basement storage. I am assuming that it will happen at some point if we ever hope to take this baby home with us, so am in no rush currently.

Yesterday, I had a seriously uncomfortable pain in the top of my belly. It was a burning, pulling sensation. I was convinced I had a hernia and was afraid to move or do much of anything all day. Thankfully, I had a check-up yesterday afternoon and was able to tell my OB about it. She assured me that I did not have a hernia but explained that it was a nerve that was being aggravated by pregnancy. Guess how they treat it? They don't! She suggested cortisone cream or ice but sounded doubtful that either was very effective. All in all, a disappointing check up. But the baby is still good and that's the important thing.

In other news, the tot starts preschool next week! Pardon me while I sob uncontrollably for a minute. Okay, better now. When I first registered him for preschool, we weren't even expecting and my thought was that two hours, twice weekly seemed like a great way for him to get some socialization with other kids and make friends. That was when it was months away and a completely abstract concept. Now it's next week and I am over come with "No! Not mah babeeeeee!!!" and an urge to grab him and hold him forever. He is, of course, ridiculously excited to go to school and wear his new back pack. He wants to meet his teacher and see his classroom and play with the other kids. So, because of this, I am going to sit on my ever growing anxiety and sadness and say "YAY!" as much as possible so as not to put a damper on his experience. The things we do for these kids, right?!

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