Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I have been having more anxiety lately about the end of summer. Now that the heat wave has finally broken and the weather is more tolerable, I am reminded that preschool starts in a few short weeks. I find myself feeling an overwhelming desire to squirrel away time for just the tot and me before our lives start to feel too busy. Before Baby Sister arrives and "mommy & Ben time" is hard to come by. But....

It seems that every free afternoon ends up getting something scheduled. It's a train ride with friends, an afternoon kite flying at the park, a morning play date, a trip to the zoo. It feels like every "free" moment ends up becoming filled with something and I am taken by an overwhelming desire to just stop time for a second so I can savor the smell of sunscreen and toddler sweat. The deliciousness of a warm little boy snuggled in my lap for a book. The joy of opening the bedroom door first thing in the morning and being greeted by a huge smile and "Hi there, Mommy!" in a delighted toddler voice.

Very soon, the days will be shorter and the weather will be cooler. And while we will have so many great new experiences - the addition of a new family member, the chance to make new friends at school, the holidays, - I still find myself wishing life came with a pause button.

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  1. I need a pause button, too! Things should slow down a bit sometimes, for real!