Monday, August 8, 2011

Cool and Cloudy

Finally, the heat wave has broken here. Ironically as we had planned to go to the pool this weekend and it looks like it will only be a high of 81. Thankfully most of the week is in the upper 70s and low 80s. However, due to a very late bedtime for myself and a very early wake-up for the tot, my motivation to do cool fun things is nil.

I stayed up way too late watching some show about aliens taking over the world and helping my husband put together folders for a presentation he is giving today. I remember reading in sleep books when we were going through many restless nights with the tot that after a certain point of tiredness, you actually become OVER tired and make cortisol which makes it hard to sleep. I think that was my problem last night as I felt like I had a horrible case of the fidgets once I finally went to bed. I wonder if that's what keeps the toddler getting out of bed playing with his turtle night light well after he as been tucked in. In any case, he also has his father's early riser instincts and gets up by about 6:00 or 6:30 no matter what time he goes to bed. While I am grateful for this on some level as I know it will make getting ready for school easier in a few weeks, I am also wishing that he could discern the difference between Summer and Fall and sleep a little later for now.

So, despite the beautiful, bearable, PERFECT weather for walking and running and playing outside, we will likely be inside as I try to plod through the morning and keep my eyes open.

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