Monday, May 31, 2010

The Force is strong with this one...

Out tot has a ridiculous number of toys. It's probably not really that ridiculous when you take in to account variables such as first baby and (for one set of grandparents) first grandchild. Not to mention that we don't live very close to either set of grandparents which may inspire some increased gift giving which then encourages some very unhealthy competition amongst them. In any case, I am just saying - our living room looks like it's sponsored by Fisher Price and the kid is not wanting for much. Which is why it is funny that he still finds other things to play with. Like his dad's toys.

It really was only a matter of time before the two shortest people in the house formed a connection. Perhaps the tot is enjoying have a friend who also has little hair or an inability to speak in complete sentences. Husband thought this was endearing and was truly pleased to be raising a fellow fan for about 15 minutes. And then, some of Yoda's hair was ripped came off. We then spent a portion of the tot's nap time browsing Target and ToysRus to find more "age appropriate" Yoda toys. Luckily, the Force was with us.

The Jedi training has begun...

I have a feeling there will be a lot of hours spent watching Star Wars in my not-to-distant future.

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