Friday, May 21, 2010

Quick Takes Friday

1) I should have posted sooner but was distracted by "The River Wild". I have never seen it before and it was so suspenseful that I had stick with it and see how it ended. I love Meryl Streep. Has she ever made a crappy movie? (That question was completely rhetorical - I have seen "She-Devil" but whatever, I still adore her.)

2) This weekend promises to be both hot and sunny. In addition to our regularly scheduled trek to the Farmer's Market, I am trying to think of fun outdoor activities to do with my tot. We will definitely be playing in the sand box and on the Little Tykes Slide he got for his birthday. I also plan to fill up his water table and give him some more random household objects to play in it with. I was debating a wading pool as well but am not sure it's worth the hassle/expense when we can go to the park and swim. We shall see what the husband's opinions are on the matter.

3) I have recently begun looking for other healthy ideas for toddler meals. I am tired of feeding Ben pasta bites and I am pretty sure he is equally tired of eating them. Unfortunately he goes through such ups and downs with what he will and will not eat, it feels like I don't want to put TOO much effort in to any one meal because he might turn his nose up at it. It seems so hard to find healthy, yummy, unprocessed meal ideas. I am going to have to consult the web on this one, I think. I welcome suggestions from any toddler moms out there.

4) I just finished another book "The Vanishing of Katharina Linden", and I really enjoyed it. I joined this site where I can rate the books I have read and see what my friends are reading. The other plus, aside from getting good recommendations on books, is that you can enter to win free books. I have already won twice (and I never win anything) so it must be pretty easy to win. This was one of the books I won. The other book I won was a children's book which I was especially pleased with because I got to share it with Ben.

5) We watched the season finale of Grey's Anatomy last night. I felt it was very suspenseful but not at all the "game changer" that the writers kept promising. My friends thought it was too violent for television. To be honest, I didn't really think about it at the time. But, looking back, I guess it was pretty violent. I wonder if I am becoming desensitized to violence? Must be all of that Sesame Street and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that the tot watches!

6) I worked out every day this week. I don't know when the last time was that I was able to say that. I am very pleased and also hopeful that I am starting to build some momentum with the healthy eating and exercise. I think my primary goal is to lose a bunch of my baby weight so I can start thinking about packing it back on with another baby. Which seems sort of counterproductive, but it's really not. I also am really enjoying discovering new recipes for healthy meals and snacks.

7) My mother is coming to visit this weekend. Ben hasn't seen Grandma since his first birthday party. Which is somewhat disheartening given that my family is only a three hour drive from us whereas my in-laws live four states away and they were just here for a lengthy visit. I am going to try to avoid being passive aggressive about her lack of visits and just be glad that she's here. Wish me luck!

Enjoy more quick takes here. Happy Friday!

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