Friday, June 18, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday

1) I have recently caught several snippets of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that the tot was watching while I was getting ready. Mickey Mouse strikes me as a kind of a know-it-all sometimes. I wonder that he has so many friends. I think they are just using him because of his cool clubhouse. (I also have to say that Stinky the Plant on Sesame Street is my least favorite puppet. I hope someone switches his miracle-gro with bathroom cleaner.)

2) We have a babysitter coming tonight so we can go out on a date. As much of a date as it can be when you are going to see a kids movie, anyway. We have had a sitter before but it is typically for an afternoon event, so this is the first time the tot will be put to bed by someone who is not a family member or one of his parents. I am really hoping he doesn't give her a hard time.

3) We all have some allergy junk this week leading to less restful sleep and general whinyness for everyone. It also maybe have been the cause last night when the tot fussed extra long after being put to bed and I had to go up and rock him for a bit for the first time in MONTHS. Needless to say, this is compounding my anxiety about having a babysitter.

4) I really love coffee. Sometimes the thought of a hot steaming cup is the driving force to get me out of bed. That and the chatty tot down the hall. Both are a great way to spend the morning. Both also have the frustrating quality of keeping me up at night.

5) I recently found out that another friend of mine is trying to have a baby and undergoing fertility treatments. When Husband and I were going through similar issues, I was surprised to find out how many people had similar issues. Now, it seems like most of the moms I talk with had to do some sort of procedure whether it was Clomid, IUI, IVF, or all of the above. This has had me wondering if fertility problems are on an upswing and if so, what the cause might be. Nothing like another heap of paranoia to add to my day!

6) The tot's new favorite word is hat. He walks around patting his head asking "hat, hat, hat?" He picks up all of his toys that have hats and points to them. He drags his Sheriff Woody doll all over the place muttering "Hat. Hat. Hat." He finds his own hats and makes a game of putting them on and taking them off, all the while musing to himself (and anyone who will listen) "Hat? Hat. Hat? Hat." Well, at least his new love of hats allows us to accessorize! I hope the next word is something equally helpful like "tooth brush" or "green beans" (a girl can hope, right?)

7) We had our 15 month check up this week at the pediatrician office. It seems that the older the Tot gets, the fewer the questions. I can distinctly remember at his two week, two month and even four month appointments that I had a list of questions written down. That I didn't even use. I wrote the questions down and then memorized the key phrases so that I would remember to ask them all without having to pull out the actual written list so that the doctor wouldn't see it and think "Oh no. One of THOSE mothers." (Just in case anyone wasn't already thinking I was pretty nuts) So, it was some what funny to me to think of that sitting in the doctor's office this week when I had no list. Nothing written down, no real questions. Just some basic "My kid is a picky eater, but I hear that's normal" type stuff. "Ha ha!" I thought. "I don't need a list anymore. I am an old pro at this parenting thing!" When I got home, I figured out that I had forgotten to ask at least two questions. Next time I will bring the list. I feel my pediatrician should know me well enough by now to not be scared off by my particular brand of crazy.

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