Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Swimming lessons: Lunesta for babies

It's our second week of swim lessons. Our instructor is fabulous and has already taught us all kinds of cool stuff like how to get in and out of the pooh correctly and how to blow bubbles. Unfortunately, she is also a big believer in kids going underwater. The tot, however, is not a big believer in this concept. and clings to my neck and swim suit straps like a spider monkey. Right about now is when I would start frantically googling "swimming for babies" and "toddlers fear of the water" and emailing all of my mom friends to see if it's normal for a kid to be so opposed to swimming lessons and going underwater. But, I am not. I have decided instead to just let it ride and see how it goes over the next couple of weeks.

Another benefit to swim lessons - the tot eats a great lunch when we get home and sleeps like a champ. I barely rocked him before he was asleep in my arms. Yes, you read that right - asleep in my arms. I had almost forgotten how great it is to have a baby sleeping in my lap. So, of course, I had to hold him a little longer to savor the moment. The warm weight on my chest, the sound of his deep breathing, the smell of his soft baby hair.  It was heaven.

I am thinking of making swimming a daily activity.

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