Tuesday, February 22, 2011

100th Post

This is my one hundredth post! I know all of you seasoned bloggers out there are probably giggling because you are on post 15,000 or something incredible like that, but I am still proud of my mini milestone. I started this blog to document what it was like to be Ben's mama and I think I have done a fair job so far. I am glad to be able to go back and read some of the funny or frustrating struggles over the last year. It's hard to believe that my little baby will be two in just a few more weeks.

The next few months will be full of many big changes. Ben has already started asking about the potty. He continues to ask to sit on the potty though he doesn't appear concerned with whether or not he actually has to go potty. But, it's a start! We will also be moving to a "big boy bed" in the next several months as well as moving from the nursery to Ben's own "big boy room".

We debated for the last several weeks about toddler beds versus twin beds. Which one would give more support, which one was more fiscally sound of a purchase, which one was safer for Ben, which was easier to get in and out of. Even more so because I was torn between buying him a big, plastic Buzz Lightyear toddler bed (that I knew he would adore but I wasn't a big fan of) and buying a nicer wooden twin bed with some adorable Curious George bedding. I want to tell you that we weighed all of the pros and cons like all good parents and finally made a well-informed and confident decision. The reality is that a sale on the bedding at Pottery Barn Kids made the decision for us. So we are going to go for it with the twin, but I fully expect to be posting lots of "silly me" type posts this summer when Ben decides that the bed is too big and won't stay in it. Whatever - at least his room will be cute.

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