Monday, February 28, 2011

The Wisdom of Experience

I have to be honest. For the last several months, anytime we talked about having another baby, the part that gave me anxiety was trying to figure out how to handle two kiddos at once. But the pregnancy part seemed like a breeze. I mean, I had done it before, right? And not to brag but I had a ridiculously easy pregnancy the first time around. Aside from a little bit of heartburn in my third trimester, I wouldn't have even known I was pregnant except for the little kicks and punches from the tiny hitchhiker. (Okay, I guess that is a little bit of bragging.)

I guess it only makes sense then that this pregnancy would be completely different from the last. For starters, I am tired all of the time. I know you are thinking "well, duh!" and you are right except that last time I didn't notice being this worn out. Of course, I was also still working 40-50 hours a week at a moderately stressful job so it's possible that I didn't notice any additional fatigue because I was always tired anyway. But this time, I swear I am ready for a nap as soon as Ben goes down. And quite honestly, I could probably use one in the morning as well!

I noticed last week that my hips were sore. I have also read about this as a symptom, but it seems awfully early to already be happening. Besides, I already have what you might call a plump figure. So, really Hips? You aren't already wide enough?! Not to mention that I have already carried one baby so shouldn't you already be in position or whatever?

My most distressing symptom to date is the nausea. I never had morning sickness the first time around. (Yes, I know, you probably hate me now and are thinking of clicking away from this page. Before you go, let me assure you that I am making up for it this time!) I was never sick with Ben. In fact, I felt great. I slept great, I woke up happy, life was good. This time, I am waking up to pee, I am always hot, and I am nauseous the minute I try to eat anything. I should probably admit that it may have something to do with the fact that what I am often putting in my mouth is typically not something that meets the nutritional requirements for an expectant mother. But I can't help it, sometimes a cookie is the quickest, closest thing to my grasp! I guess I should be grateful that the nausea hasn't morphed in to actual vomiting (knock wood), not to say that it couldn't or won't. Just that it hasn't gotten there yet.

I guess the bottom line is that I know nothing about pregnancy. I am starting to suspect that every pregnancy is different. Which leads me to the obvious and frightening conclusion that every baby is also different. So as cocky as I am now thinking I will know exactly what to do because I have done it before, I will really be the same old basket case googling "newborn sleep patterns" and "how much crying is normal" at 3am.

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  1. Oh, the differences. I'm sorry you're feeling sick...that's NO fun.

    My differences so far are ASTOUNDING!! I was mildly sick with Mia: vomited a handful of times with constant nausea. I was horribly sick with Lauren: vomited almost daily for months and had to start anti-nausea meds b/c I just kept losing weight. This time? I feel almost normal. Some nausea late at night and bitter, terrible exhaustion. I've never been so tired.

    Yes, all pregnancies and babies are different, and that makes them unpredictable. Very uncomfortable for a routine-loving mama like myself :)

    I hope you feel better soon!!