Friday, February 18, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 117)

I started this blog as a way to record all of the great "mom" moments and to remember all the little minutia of raising my toddler which I am likely to forget when he is a moody teenager. But lately my blog has been a lot of navel gazing and not a whole lot of cute toddler moments. So toddler moments is this week's theme!

1) Ben is obsessed with the potty. Not going potty. Just sitting on it. He has yet to pee on it but frequently asks to "go potty". He then sits bare-butted on his potty chair and reads Boynton books until he gets bored and declares he is "done".

2) He likes to hide in the "cornuh" and runs to the space between the wall and the television. He then laughs maniacally while we pretend to look for him until he pops out from hiding and says "boo!" It's a great game.

3) Ben has recently begun jumping. Or rather lifting one leg emphatically and shouting "Jump! Jump!" I don't think he knows that he's not actually jumping and he's so ecstatic by it that I am sure not going to tell him.

4) The nap wars have continued on. He no longer wants to be rocked before his nap time or bed time. He demands "bed!" as soon as the lights are off and the book is over. As a result he is not relaxed and prefers to stomp around in the crib and throw everything out of it. I went to check on him and try rocking him earlier this afternoon and was greeted by the sight of all of the blankets and stuffed friends on the floor. He had one leg swung over the side of the crib and a huge grin on his face. It's only a matter of time until a successful jailbreak.

5) The Spring thaw has started. Or if not, there is at least a little "Spring teaser" outside. Ben has been wanting to run, jump and play (of course) so today I caved and we went outside for a walk. It was still chilly out and so our walk consisted mainly of walking up and down our street. While we were out we heard a cawing and Ben said "Mo-kee"! I laughed in spite of myself and pointed out the bird. Perhaps we need to spend more time outside?

6) We recently watched Bambi. I was apprehensive but thought he might enjoy the woodland critters. Both the husband and I watched him carefully during the scenes with the hunter but the message appeared to go right over his head. In fact, Bambi is a big hit. He frequently points at the tv, puts on his grumpiest face and demands "Watch Bambi Again!" Needless to say, this tactic is not very successful but very funny.

7) Ben got a Cabbage Patch doll from my in-laws for Valentine's Day. I wanted him to have a doll so he could get used to the idea of having a baby in the house for the purposes of a future sibling. Initially he hugged the little baby and carried it around. But after about 20 minutes, he lost interest. Now it seems that he has developed a fear of the doll. Whenever I try to hand it to him, he whimpers and shrinks away. This does not bode well for future offspring!

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