Friday, May 13, 2011

Another drink of water

The nap has been a struggle these last few days. I always find it somewhat amusing in a frustrating type of way, that when you think you have things figured out and are following your routine, somehow things go off track in the most random way. Ben skipped his nap a few days ago. No fussing, no arguments. We put him down and he laid in his crib and chatted away. For two solid hours. I just assumed that he'd eventually tucker out, but he never did. Finally we went and got him.

The next two days were fine. Naps were no problem and bedtimes were even a tad earlier (probably due to making up that missed sleep). Now, he is upstairs stomping around in his crib again. I hear him chattering over the monitor and kicking at the sides of the crib. Every now and again, I hear a thud and I know that one of his stuffed friends has jumped ship. Or been forced to walk the plank, as the case may be.

The problem with this for me is that I had plans this afternoon. There is toddler food that needs to be made and frozen. There is a sprinkler I need to set up in the back yard. The mail needs to be fetched. The cookbook fundraiser for Ben's preschool needs attention. But, I have done none of it as I have been sitting here, listening, waiting for him to "give up" and get quiet. Now it seems that the one to be "giving up" will be yours truly.

In the back of my mind is the growing anxiety that we will be switching him to a big boy bed in a big boy room in the very near future. Currently, when he doesn't nap or go right to bed, at least he is contained. I am forseeing a great many "I need a drink" and "One more story" in my future! I have a feeling that our bedtime routine is only going to be further disrupted.

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