Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How to bond with the neighbors

I have been asking my husband to mow the lawn for about a week. Last week it was sweltering hot and he spent most evenings grilling out and watching the tot. This weekend, it rained and rained and rained. Lots of rain = lots of grass. None of this would matter if we did not have a play date scheduled with friends for this afternoon. I started to make jokes that Ben and his play mate were going to get lost in the tall grass.

Yesterday evening we had dinner plans and were home too late to do much about the yard. Which is why, at 7 am, the husband got out and mowed and trimmed our lawn while Ben had breakfast and then watched longingly through the window, just dying to go outside and help. (My argument of "It's only 40 degrees out!" did nothing to dissuade him).

I feel certain that our neighbors will be appreciative of our diligence when it comes to landscaping and not at all perturbed by our early morning ruckus - don't you? 

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  1. Ha! I totally should have begged my husband to do an early-morning mow!

    Last week, he mowed the front and side yards but when he got to the back -- after one dividing swipe down the middle -- a storm broke out. The back yard is where we want to play! Gah! It's, like, a foot tall out there, and Lauren complains about the poky, itchy grass.

    Maybe if I tell myself we're being good to the earth by mowing less, I'll be less frustrated ;)