Monday, May 23, 2011

Busy, busy, busy

We are done with all of our regularly scheduled programming for the Summer and yet still I find that we are scheduled non-stop. Between play dates with our meet up group and other friends and catching up on lunches and other fun things that we couldn't do sooner because we had to run off to Kindermusik or swim lessons, we still find our calendar covered in plans. Which sounds stressful but actually is great fun. And serves the purpose of keeping me busy so I have very little time to obsess about our sonogram which is in one week! (However, this does not prevent nosy grandparents from asking about it in every interaction - "Do you know the gender yet? What do you think it is?" so the actual appointment is never really very far from mind).

We are also trying to get the basement finished so that the guest room can relocate and then the current guest room can be re-purposed to be the tot's new "Big Boy" room. This of course adds an additional level of complication to making plans and trying to accomplish important things like blogging seeing as how my usual time to blog is during Ben's nap and he hasn't been getting one on days that there are contractors banging around in the basement. This also eliminates my own little piece of downtime and causes things like mopping the floors to continue to go undone.

So needless to say, we need these activities to keep us busy, shift our focus, and keep us out of the noisy house. But I will surely be glad when things have calmed a bit and we can make it back to some semblance of a routine that includes nap times and a clean, quiet house.

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