Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pink or Blue....

Today's the day. Assuming our little peanut isn't too shy for the camera, today we will learn if our tot gets a brother or a sister this fall. Everyone has a guess. I posted an inquiry on facebook and the comments are divided right down the middle - 50/50! When I ask Ben, he says he wants a brother (not that I think he has any idea what that will mean to him). My husband swears it's a girl.

Everyone wants to know what I think. I feel like it's a girl. Mostly because this pregnancy has been completely different from my last one. I have had every pregnancy symptom ever invented. I went from nausea and exhaustion to heartburn, back aches and sciatic nerve pain. I even have a linea nigra line on my tummy! (It's probably odd to be excited about that but I really am. I think I might even take a picture of it!)

I think there are pros and cons to either one. If we have a girl, it will be new and different. Something we have yet to experience as parents, as a family. There will be pink things to shop for and dresses to buy. If we have a boy, we are already prepared for many of the things little boys bring. We have a lot of the clothes and toys a boy would need. We even already have a couple of boy names we are kicking around. Best of all, Ben will have a playmate, a counter part. Someone he can play in the rocks with and chase around the yard. Though, I suppose, a girl will probably do those things too.

Either way, we are blessed. Either way we have a new little person to love. Either way, our family is bigger, better, more complete.

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