Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A healthy dose of perspective


This weekend was rough. The stress of trying to accomplish so many projects before the baby arrives on limited funds and with limited time is finally starting to wear on us a bit. The husband and I sat down on Sunday evening and had one of those frustrating discussions about where to cut expenses and how to save on Ben's new bedroom furniture. In the end, I just ended up more frustrated and annoyed as none of the solutions we came up with felt satisfactory. I went to bed that night and prayed that we would get some perspective and be able to prioritize our needs over our wants.

The next morning, I learned that while we had been arguing over toddler furniture and which carpet to put in the basement,  four hundred miles away my friend's town was being decimated by a tornado. While we were debating between ordering from fancy Pottery Barn or the more reasonable Target, others were losing their homes, their possessions, their lives. Suddenly I feel very foolish. My prayers feel silly and selfish.

I am relieved that Sarah and her family are okay. I am grateful to know that they all made it through the storm in one piece. However, I have seen the pictures. Sarah has blogged about the devastating loss. It is heart breaking.

To help Joplin recover and rebuild, Bigger Picture blogs will be hosting an auction on their site beginning at 8am on Wednesday, May 25th through Friday, May 27th. Here is the link. They will have a variety of cool products donated from all of these different places:

A Soft Landing
Jamie Shaw

Please go and check it out. The proceeds from the auction go to the Salvation Army to help aid the relief effort in Joplin. (It's a much more important thing to spend money on than a toddler bed from Pottery Barn.)


  1. Thank you SO SO much for helping spread the word. :)

  2. Absolutely - I adore Sarah and am heartbroken for her and her town.