Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pregnancy symptom #203

I have an anxious feeling that this pregnancy is going to be completely textbook. Textbook in the sense that I will experience each and every "symptom" reported in all of these pregnancy books. I am finally over the nausea only to be living with a wicked sinus infection that may or may not be related to the nasal congestion of pregnancy. Last night I was jolted out of bed by leg cramps. I had completely forgotten about leg cramps! Their return was not a welcome one.

Because my first pregnancy was completely symptom free and this one seems to be much more like going through a medical checklist, I am eyeing the third trimester of hemorrhoids and sciatic nerve pain with much trepidation. (I also just learned that I have no idea how to spell hemorrhoids.) My previous concerns were more about getting enough sleep and managing the heartburn. Now I am starting to realize that I may need to be more worried about getting some Preparation H cream and a pregnancy pillow. Lucky for me, I just purchased one (The pillow, not the butt cream) due to my extreme inability to stay on my left side when I sleep. My doctor explains that this is not a big deal - that sleeping in general is more important than the position. But, because I end up on my back, I usually stay in that spot through the night which results in uncomfortably stiff hips, back and arms in the morning. So, I am hopeful for the miracle of the Snoogle that I have read so much about!

In other exciting fetus news, I had another check up yesterday and heard the heartbeat. It was so fast! I forgot how fast it sounds compared to my own. My husband was home with our tot so I recorded it for him. My doctor (who is fabulous) also took the time to reassure me that I was not going to damage my baby by eating a tuna fish sandwich or deli meat, in spite of all I have read. She also explained that it is okay to take Tylenol and use face wash and that I was not going to damage my baby. Essentially she said in a very nice way that I was overreacting. I should probably stop reading all of the "WARNING: this will harm your baby" type emails from babycenter.com and maybe lay off the Dr. Oz book as well seeing as how I appear to have yet another pregnancy symptom: anxiety.


  1. Haha! You make me laugh -- but I swear it's because of how you talk about the joys of pregnancy, not because you're going through such discomfort!

    I'm so anxious to see if this means you might be having a girl! With my girls, I was a walking symptom. Nausea, vomiting, sciatic pain, round ligament pain...everything, right up to the end when I could no longer sleep or pull up my own socks. But this time, I'm symptom free (basically). There've been a few nights with a twinge of heartburn, and several months now of increasingly tender breasts, but....that's all. I have no idea what's going in in there :)

    So glad you heard a sweet heartbeat! It's amazing how happy that sound is :)

  2. (I can't believe I just talked about the condition of my breasts in a comment box...)


  3. Wooo! Congrats on hearing the heartbeat. Sweetest sound. :)

  4. Oh, boo to pregnancy nasal congestion and boo to leg cramps and boo to sleeping problems. But the sound of the heartbeat makes it all better!!

  5. Ha, Sarah! I bet you are having a boy, because that is EXACTLY how I was with Ben. And I think it's hilarious that you talked about your breasts in the comment box. :)And you guys know that I will for sure be posting the results of that most pivotal sonogram as soon as I have them!